Permanent change of purpose is generally sought for from residential to commercial purposes in business areas.  If the Master Plan permits such change according to the land use of the area, the same shall be allowed on the following terms and conditions:- 

(i)      Payment of additional premium equal to 50 % of the difference  between the commercial value of land at the time of offering the terms for and the residential value thereof at the time of last sale of transfer. 

(ii)     Payment of additional ground rent @ 2 of full difference of values as mentioned in item (i) above. 

(iii)    If the lease is un-resticted, the lessee agreeing to execute a supplemental lease providing for prior permission of the lessor for sale or transfer of the property. 

            Additional premium may be recovered in four equal instalments, the first instalment immediately, the second after the completion of two years, and the third and fourth instalments before the completion of fourth and fifth years.   Additional ground rent shall be charged only after the completion of the third year or after the completion of construction of the commercial building whichever is earlier. 

[7//2/64-L dated 6.7.1965]

 N.B.:    No additional premium or ground rent shall be recovered for additional construction permissible on the date of grant of permission under the bye-laws for commercial purposes in cases of grant of permanent change of purpose. 

[WI-42(476) dated 5.7.1954]