All plans sanctioned by the Local Bodies in respect of the properties under the administrative control of the Land and Development Office shall be submitted to this office by the lessees for approval under the terms of the Lease.  The lessees shall submit the original sanctioned plans alongwith a copy thereof on blue print duly cloth mounted.  The concerned Lease Section on receipt of such plans shall send the file to the Technical Section with the scrutiny sheet.  The Technical Section shall scrutinise the plans and compare the copy with the original sanctioned plan and complete the additional ground rent, if any, recoverable in the case.  They shall also ensure that the plans sanctioned are not in contravention of the Zonal/Master Plan.  In case there is any construction in contravention, of the Zonal/Master Plan, such construction shall be treated as un-authorised.  The file shall be passed on to the Drawing Branch for stamping and registration of the plans in the register maintained in that Section. 

            The Drawing Branch shall enter the plans in a Register called the Register of Approved Plans and indicate lease or sheet number on all the sheets in the set of approved plans.  They shall compare all the sheets of the plan with the original sanctioned plan and submit to the Engineer Officer through Asstt. Engineer for approval under Lease.  After the plans are signed by the Engineer Officer the copies of the plans shall be retained by the Drawing Section and the original sanctioned plans alongwith the file shall be sent to the concerned Lease Section for onward transmission of the original sanctioned plans to the lessees. 


            In cases where the Additional Ground Rent is recoverable, the Technical Section shall calculate the A.G.R. and pass on the file to the concerned Lease Section for further necessary action.  The Lease Section shall draw the terms and send the file to the I.A.C. for vetting the same.  As soon as the terms are checked and approved by the I.A.C., the same shall be offered to the lessee giving him 30 days time to accept the terms.  Upon acceptance of the terms by the lessee, the Lease Section shall thereupon adopt the same procedure as indicated above in the case of sanction of plans under the lease. 

            Certain concessions in respect of additional construction and levy of additional ground rent have been given by the Government from time to time.  The Technical Section shall therefore, calculate the ground rent keeping in view such concessions as offered by the Government from time to time, which is as follows:- 

            No additional ground rent shall be levied in respect of additional construction made within a period of five years from the date of execution of the lease deed if such construction is within the permissible limits under the Municipal bye-laws applicable at the time of lease of land.  Where, however, no Municipal bye-laws were inforce at the time to execution of the agreement for lease or lease or lease deed, the limits as provided in the Municipal bye-laws as they came into force subsequently shall apply subject to an overall limit of 2 % storey residential building.