The building plan schemes are referred to the Land & Development Office by the N.D.M.C. for examination under the terms of lease deed and to forward comments of this office.  The scheme of the building plans received from N.D.M.C. shall be examined atleast with reference to any important breaches in respect of the property.  The concerned Lease Section shall study the property file as soon as the scheme for building plans is received in order to check the following points:-   


  (i)                 Whether the property is re-entered.

 (ii)                Whether there are any breaches notified to the lessee but not


(iii)               Whether any demands were raised on the lessee but remained 



In case the reply to any of these queries is positive, the office shall immediately send remarks to the building plan committee giving reasons and requesting them not to sanction the building plans.  Simultaneously the property section shall send the files alongwith the scheme for the building plans to the Engineer Officer so that he is prepared for attending the building plans committee with complete details. 

[No. 5(3)/90/CDN, dated 29.9.93, office order No. 27/93]