Inspection of the properties shall be carried out in the following cases:- 


(i)               Grant of permission for sub-division of the premises.

(ii)             After the mutation of the premises where the last inspection was carried out more than six months before.

(iii)           Receipt of lessee’s application for grant of permission for change of purpose.

(iv)           Receipt of a copy of MCD/NDMC notice to the lessee for unauthorised construction.

(v)            Regularisation of breaches for further periods.

(vi)          Receipts of a protest letter from a lessee disputing the existence of mususe or the area misused.

(vii)         Receipt of a letter from the lessee about the removal of misuse or unauthorised structure.

(viii)       Expiry of the period allowed for construction of building on the land.

(ix)           Annual inspection.


Inspections shall generally be carried out by the overseers.  However, where a lessee has challenged the existence of breaches or has disputed the area misused etc.  Assistant Engineer (Tech.) of the Engineer Officer shall himself inspect the premises.  Assistant Engineer (Tech.) shall also carry out a percentage check of about 5 % of the premises inspected by the overseer.

The Technical Section shall prepare inspection report in triplicate, one copy for the concerned Property or Lease Section and the second copy for Accounts Section who shall make an entry in their ledgers indicating the date of inspection and the breaches, if any.  Where the Accounts Section finds from the file at a later date that this copy was not sent to them immediately after inspection, this fact of omission shall be brought to the notice of the Branch Officer or the Accounts Officer.  Since the lessee is entitled to see the inspection report and can even ask for a copy of the same in court of law, the overseer shall restrict himself strictly to the noting of the factual position of the premises.  He shall not give in the inspection note his views whether a particular breach is condonable or not.  This discussion if necessary may find place in the noting portion of the file which shall be forwarded to the concerned section.

The properties owned by foreign Missions in Embassy Areas shall neither be inspected nor any notice taken of the manner in which such properties are used or built upon.  Only ground rent shall be recoverable as and when it falls due and if not received, shall be demanded.  However, the properties owned or hired by the Foreign Missions outside the Embassy areas under private leased properties shall be inspected in the manner as individual lessee and action for breaches shall be taken.