As regards construction of the building it is provided that :-

(a)              Building plans shall be got sanctioned from the local body within a period of one year from the date of handing over the possession of the land;


(b)              Occupancy certificate shall be obtained within 3 years from the sanction of the building plan and completion certificate and plans shall be furnished to the Land & Development Office within a period of 4 years form the date of sanction of the building plan.


(c)              During the period of construction, namely upto the date of the sanction of the occupancy certificate by the local body, temporary structures for storage and security need not be objected to by the lessor, and


(d)              If the institution puts up temporary construction for running bonafide activities due to lack of funds for construction of the building as long as extension for construction of the building is granted, such temporary construction need not be objected to provided that built up area is within the permissible limits.


[M/o UD letter No. 344/94-LD dated 21.3.1994]