After the agreement for Lease or Licence Deed is executed the concerned Lease Section shall send the file to the Technical Section requesting them to hand over possession of land to the allottee.  The Assistant Engineer, in-charge shall fix a date for the purpose in consultation with the purchaser. 

            On the appointed date the concerned Assistant Engineer or the Overseer deputed by him shall demarcate the plot of land in question in the presence of the purchaser or his approved nominee and obtain a certificate from him that the land n question has been demarcated and vacant possession thereof handed over to him on that date. 

            The certificate obtained from the purchaser of his nominee shall be added to the correspondence portion of the file.  The concerned Assistant Engineer shall record on the file that the possession has been handed over to such and such persons on such and such date and return it to Lease Section concerned. 

            The Lease Section shall thereafter, send a letter to the Lessee in the form at Annexure--asking him to submit construction plans duly approved by the local body for sanction under the lease by the date specified in the Agreement for Lease.